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Still Kicking

A lot of my recent posts have been f-locked. Wonder if I should get one of those "Mostly friends only" banners.

Anyhow, Happy Holidays to Everyone!

My new job has been going well, and everyone is certain they'll keep me after the holidays/inventory ends. Which is pretty cool. Though the hours have dropped, and I'm going to have to figure out what to do about that. (Probably a second job, but that shouldn't be too hard to group with this one.)

Hope everyone's year is ending on a high note!

Happy Ending

After 6 hours of having the Chihuahua as a temporary roommate, we got a call from the apartment complex office. "Missy" (As we discovered her name was), was reunited with a little girl who couldn't be happier to see her precious pup again. You have to love a happy ending. (But it's made me realize how much I miss having a furry companion all over again. T_T )
I'm starting a new job Thursday, which is an adventure as it is. Combined with attempting Nanowrimo, it's certainly seems like doom for the latter, since I take work seriously and my writing is only a hobby. Still, despite having worked every day this week (Training people to take my place at my old job + meetings meant coming in on my two days off.), I've managed to only be around 2000 words behind on where I should be on Nanowrimo. (And have gotten pretty much nowhere in the actual story. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad) I've never actually forced myself to write each day. Usually, I do spurts. Skip three days, write a couple thousand words. Skip a week, desperately try to catch up many thousand words in one sitting. Etc. I actually managed to sit down and force myself to write every day for the first three days. Was bad for one day, then got back on track yesterday.

So, today, I'm off of work. Got some housework to catch up on, but thought - awesome. I will catch up on Nanowrimo and chores. So, then Yuki's like - hey, let's go get some coffee! (I have a coffee obsession - sh!) And we walk out the door...and find a dog. A chihuahua. Adorable, friendly, nervous, hyperactive, only partially trained, and definitely suffering a case of Little Dog Syndrome.

So far we have yet to find the owner. We went to the apartment complex office...no one's reported one missing. So we left our numbers in case they call the office looking for her, and - in the meantime - Girl is our new roommate. (No, her name's not Girl...but she is a girl, and we don't know her name!) Our house is not tiny dog proof. This was not the adventure I was expecting to be writing about today...

Writing Journal

So, I've been giving it alot of thought lately, and I've decided that I should separate my writing journal from this one. I haven't for a long time because I worried I just wouldn't post in this journal if I did. But I promise i will. It's just something I have to remind myself to do since I tend to forget. Right now I'm transferring my writing over there. Which might take a few days. LOL. If you want to check it out or keep track of my writing, here you go:

Story Telling by Mei

It's Almost Time Again!

It's less than a month away!

Well, yes, Halloween too. And I love Halloween. But I meant Nanowrimo.

Yes, I'm going to once again try to write 50,000 words in one month. For two years I've worked on Matchmaker, Matchmaker. I thought...do it again? But, I've decided that I'm going to take up the challenge of Born in Blood instead. I'm excited, and nervous. I've plotted BiB, and I've written prompts around it. But to actually tackle it? Nervous! It's really alot of serious plot twists and just...it's going to be difficult I think. I love the story, but it's a complicated plot full of complicated characters. So. We'll have to see how it goes.

There are prompts occurring right now on the Nanowrimo board. So, expect to be volleyed with some short works.


MeiMei Productions New Local, and Blender

Okay, so, even though I won't be taking all my writing to a new journal (You'll still have to put up with all my Nanowrimo and Script Frenzy posts too.), I did create a separate journal in which to showcase MeiMei Productions. So you won't have to put up with me posting my radio plays and audio stories over here anymore. If you want to follow them, check it out over here:


One of the useful things about it is that I can upload the videos directly there (They're then stored in google videos). Even though I will continue to post them on Youtube, the direct video feature is a plus.

Between Fanvids and MeiMei Productions, I've been trying to find a new video editor program. People kept talking about Blender, so I thought I'd try it. But though Blender can slice together videos, it's mainly a 3-D art and animation program. I intended to delete it, because - in all honesty - it looked alot like alien gibberish when I opened it up. Though not as notorious for not reading manuals as some people I know, most programs I work with I usually figure out on the fly. Resorting to manuals and tutorials only when looking for specific features or effects.

You can't learn Blender on the fly. Or, atleast, I couldn't. After a day or two of trying to do so, I gave up and went to the tutorials. I may have discovered a new addiction. This may be a bad thing. I present to you, my first attempt at Blender. (Though the editing of the film itself was done in my trusty Windows Movie Maker Live. Yes, Yes, I hear you groaning now. I said I was looking for something new, didn't I? Besides, I don't understand the hate WMM gets. No, it's not fancy, but it gets the job done.)

Blood Bound Part 4 (and 3)

For anyone keeping up with my writing and such nonsense, I just put out the 4th part of my original radio play Blood Bound. (I seriously debated about getting a wordpress and seperate my writing from this journal, but at the same time I feel like I'm already on here too little. Why spread myself that thin?) Oh, right, back to embedding my video:

C'mon, indulge me for ten minutes of your time! :D

Edit: I somehow missed Part 3?? Under the cut:

Part 3 under here!Collapse )

"Average Hourly Wage"

Original Article from Yahoo:


Funny thing is, I posted most of this in response, and it was deleted. Fascinating, huh? Here it is again, with more figures added:

According to the article, the "Average Hourly Wage" is $23.13.

The convenient thing about claiming an "average hourly wage" is it doesn't tell you what most people in the country truly earn. It doesn't matter how little most of those people make, because you add in someone with a even a reasonably high salary, and the end result makes it seem like most of the people are earning more than enough to survive, when it's not true.

National minimum wage is $7.25. Full time is an average of 30 hours a week. And alot of people are hired as part-time, not full time, because companies prefer it that way. That means that they're average is only 20 hours a week, and that's being generous. Most part-time workers I know are lucky if they get 15 hours in a week.

23.13 x 30 = $693.90
7.25 x30 = $217.50
7.25 x20 = $145
7.25 x15 = $108.75

Now multiply it times the number of weeks in a year - 52 - and remember that these wages are pre-taxes.

23.13 x30 = $693.90 x52 = $36,082.80
7.25 x30 = $217.50 x52 = $11,310
7.25 x20 = $145 x52 = $7540
7.25 x15 = $108.75 x52 = $5655

Even if you worked 3 full time jobs at minimum wage, you wouldn't get the same as this supposed National Average. Plus, the chances of finding 3 jobs that will give work around your schedule to give you 30 hours each is pretty much impossible. Companies know that if you won't work whatever hours they schedule you, someone else will. So if you don't give them the availability they want, they cut your hours and give them to someone else. Combine that with the fact that most companies only give raises annually, and then only in less than a dollar increments, it means that even employees who have been working for a company for years barely earn over minimum wage.

It doesn't matter if someone has a job, if that job is a part time 20 hour a week minimum job, they aren't earning enough to survive. They have to hold down multiple jobs just to pay bills and keep food on the table. Look up Living Wage, and you'll find that on average it's atleast $2.00 higher, and in some areas much more.

And most living wage calculators only take into account the most basic of expenses. Nothing else. (Meaning, they do not calculate in expenses such as Car Payments/Insurance, Phones, Pets, or Medical Problems) So once you count that in, the necessary wage goes even higher.

This so-called Average Wage is ridiculously over what most people truly earn. Why? Because it's an average. A simple example is to take the 4 previous wages and you can see how this "average" works out:

$36,082.80 + $11,310 + $7540 + $5655 = $60,587.80
$60,587.80 /4 = $15,146.95
$15,146.95 /52 = $291.29
$291.29 /30 = $9.71

So even though 3 people earned minimum wage, and only 1 a decent salary, the average came out to well over what the majority earned. The average worked for this article included wages far, far higher than the highest in our example. In the end, even if the majority earned less, the higher wages included would drag the average up higher and not give a clear picture.

The real problem with wages is that our country's minimum wage is lower than a living wage. And no matter how you look at it, that is both ridiculous and disgusting.

Thief Drama on Human-Age

Regular FL can feel free to ignore.

If you're curious, the back story is thus - one of the options on HA is to "plunder". This means you steal things from other players. Surprise, surprise, people get upset when their things get stolen. There's a local "Paper", where many of us post names of those who steal from us. This used to happen a few times a week when I first joined the game over a year ago. Recently, the plundering has escalated to the point that names are pretty much posted daily. The thieves constantly retort that it's a legitimate move and that the posters should "stop whining". While the move is legitimate, I also feel it's gotten so rampant, it might be sucking the joy out of the game for others.

I made a post in the paper saying that stealing was legit, but so was posting names and not helping the thieves. I was PMed by another player. Exchange of Letters follows:

But I thought this was a mature discussion...my bad...Collapse )


Somedays I manage to forget that all managers are a**holes. Generally right before I get smacked in the face with a reminder.

On the brighter side, I haven't been eaten by zombies yet. So I'm still alive.